Permanent Steel Structures

Fabric Buildings

Q 354 Steel can manufactured framing for any suppliers in fabric buildings, ranging from aviation hangers, sporting facilities and storage warehouses to military hangers. All these buildings are custom designed to any size or shape.

Steel Buildings

The range of application for steel has expanded with the improvement of materials, products and design capabilities. Q 354 Steel can not only manufacture entire steel structures, but also exposed, architectural steel items, embedded steel elements such as shear walls and outdoor balcony assemblies. All steel structures can be delivered with the required surface and corrosion protection, fire resistant painting or hot dip galvanizing.

Steel and Composite Bridges

The constant search for higher quality at better prices has resulted in the cooperation with workshops specializing in permanent steel and composite bridges. Q 354 Steel can offer the manufacture of steel parts, sized to fit standard shipping containers and which can be transported over land or by sea. Oversized items can be shipped by sea.