Q 354 Steel Q 354 Steel specializes in supplying all types of structural steel to meet our clients’ needs, in conformance with their specifications and requirements. Signing a contract directly with us, gives you solid assurance of an on-time delivery. All steel fabrication is carried out under our strict management system. Our pre-qualified workshops have carried out steel fabrication for several decades, both for light and heavy steel structures, ranging from bridge construction and heavy lifting equipment, or power transmission towers to simple steel trusses. 

All deliveries will be trial assembled and approved before leaving the workshop. If necessary load tests can be included on demand.


Q 354 Steel specializes in supplying all types of steel structures for your needs and in accordance with your specifications and requirements. Let our reference list be your assurance that you will receive the best value for your money, combined with quality workmanship and on-time delivery, without compromising safety. The QS inspectors are on site during fabrication to make sure that steel quality, fitting, welding, machining and surface treatment all are supplied and executed in full conformance with the applicable drawings, specifications and standards.


On every project, we submit a full report and documentation to verify that our steel work was done in accordance with the required standards. Before any steel assembly leaves the workshop a trail assembly will be performed. In addition will our QS inspectors do an audit and then submit a Shipment Release Report to document the final product quality and the packing and strapping of the steel components on trucks or into containers.


All the projects we have been working with for more than 10 years, have given us access to designers in many different fields; like industrial buildings, bridges, buildings, pipe racks, formwork systems and temporary structures in steel as well as concrete.