Previous experiences

Q 354 Steel work team professionals have previously participated in important singular projects of steel structure construction.

Two of the most important projects in which members of our team have participated are the Ulla River Bridge in Catoira and the Rande Bridge Extension in Vigo.


The Ulla River Bridge in Catoira, is a composite latticework formed mainly by three spans of 225 meters, 240 meters and 225 meters respectively, making it one of the bridges with the largest main span in the world.

The Ulla River Bridge, currently holds the world record for high-speed composite lattice type, overcoming the Nantenbach bridge over the Main river in Germany, which held the record since its completion in 1993 with 208 meters of span.

The viaduct was awarded by the "International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering" (IABSE) the "Outstanding Structure Award 2016", as a finalist. This award recognizes the most outstanding bridge and structures projects worldwide and is the first time that a structure designed and built in Spain receives this mention.


The Rande Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge open to traffic on February 7, 1981 and connects the municipalities of Redondela and Moaña, margins of the Rande Strait, in the Vigo estuary 9 kilometers from the city of Vigo and 18 kilometers from the city of Pontevedra. At the time of its construction, it was the second brightest bridge of its kind in the world and won the most outstanding European Metal Construction Prize in 1979.

The extension of the iconic Rande bridge is a worldwide engineering milestone, since it is the first time that a large cable-stayed bridge has been extended; in this case also, without interrupting the traffic on the existing bridge at any time.

The proposed solution is based on the addition of a new lane in each direction of circulation to each of the outer sides of the existing platform, thus expanding the capacity of the bridge from two to three lanes in each direction. The new roadways are supported by a new family of cables anchored in the batteries by a special steel structure.